Ark of the covenant

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It is made and painted like an antique piece of gold, but when the light turns on becomes spectacular. The cover can send attached or separately ( the buyer decides how to put it on the ark) . I prefer to stick them together. As you can see on the photos below, the light goes through the holes.

size 2.48 inches (long) x 1.69 inches (width) x 2.36 inches (high)
6,3 cm(long) x 4,3 cm (width) x 6 cm(high)

Includes: 1 Ark , wires with the twistlock T10 socket
Bulb not included, you can put the bulb color you want.

You can connect the light to the ARK insert light or any insert connection with the twistlock T10 socket. The ARK can be placed wherever you want.

Attention: I sell the ark as you see in the pictures. Includes the ark and wires with the twlistlock T10 Socket, nothing more. The other mods I sell (the Grail and the Idol) has a base and are easy to install, but the ark not include any support. You have to see where to put it and how…. If you have restored a pinball, you will not have problems !!! I’m sure you could find somewhere for it to go!
After you buy the ark I need a 4-5 days to to manufacture, decorate and prepare.