Warning Lights Red & Ted's Road Show pinball mod
RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_19RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_18RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_7RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_6RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_12RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_11RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_1Warning Lights Red & Ted’s Road Show pinball modRoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_16RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_15RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_13RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_14RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_4RoadShow_Pinball_warning_Lights_Mod_8

Warning Lights x 4

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Product Description

Road work light flashing caution sign to put in light bulbs: lite Extra Ball, lite 5x Blast, Start City Event and lite Radio Riot.
Material: ABS Plastic, size 1.4 inch (3,7cm) high
Very very very easy to install, in seconds… 100% reversible, no modifications.
Includes: 4 road work light flashing caution sign.
You decide what color you want for signals, yellow and red are the colors available.